After his death, the followers of Jesus discovered his tomb to be empty. They encountered him alive again – he had been raised from the dead. 

For Christians, the resurrection is not just a story – it is something that actually happened in history.

This is a point made in the video below featuring Tom Wright.  Tom Wright is the former Bishop of Durham and one of the world’s top experts in the history of Jesus’ time.



So if the resurrection actually happened, What does it mean?

It means that the renewing power of God’s love has proved itself to be greater than the destructive power of evil and death. Death is not final. 

God can and will bring new life, not only to human beings, but to the entire universe, which is presently marred by evil, suffering and death. A new creation is being born out of the old creation. That new creation begins here with the resurrection of Jesus, who is its Head.




The earliest Christian confession of faith was ‘Jesus is Lord’ – Lord of the new creation, triumphing over the world of sin and death.

He is Lord.  He is Lord.
He is risen from the dead and he is Lord.
Every knee will bow, every tongue confess,
That Jesus Christ is Lord.

This is the powerful hope at the heart of Christianity – the triumph of God’s love over evil, sin and death through Jesus.